Bernardo Anderson

Front End/UX Developer

My Works

Mubi World - Full Stack
A React app that uses Firebase for the database and back end. Mubi World compiles together the movies showing on from many different countries for easy viewing.
JobsHQ - Front End
I worked on most of the front end for JobsHQ while working at Forum Communications. Design was made by a third party.
Material Markdown Chrome App
A markdown Chrome map I made from scratch to learn to Chrome API. Made with pure JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
ASCII Emoticons Chrome App
A simple and easy app to copy ASCII emoticons. Fun to browse and easy to search through it. Made with pure JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
Matbus Rocks - Full Stack
A react app using a third party API for live bus tracking of our local bus system.
Material Neutron Chrome App
A full text editor Chrome app made with Angular, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Originally forked from Super Neutron code editor. I then updated the editor engine (Ace Editor), gave it a whole new look, made it faster and better!
Speedy Google Music Chrome Extension
A Chrome extension to make Google Music faster by removing unnecessary css decorations and JavaScript.
Beaker and Brush Discussion Poster
A poster I made for a Art & Science talk called Beaker and Brush.
Forum News - Front End
One of the many news sites I worked on while at Forum Communications. I worked with Drupal, PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS/SCSS. I designed and developed front end parts, and worked on back end modules.
Beaker and Brush Discussion Poster
A poster I made for a Art & Science talk called Beaker and Brush.
VSCode Material Neutral Theme
A syntax theme based on the popular material theme. This is based on my own personal style that works best with the my everyday code needs. Built with XML tmTheme file.
UND Planner & Handbook Cover
A cover option made for the student planner & handbook for the University of North Dakota.
Swanson Health - Front End
I worked and helped redesign a big portion of this site while I worked at Swanson Health. This includes the homepage, menus and product detail page. Built with Java Server Pages, JavaScript and CSS/LESS.
GGFAA 2013 Convention Poster
A poster I designed for the GGFAA convention that took place in Grand Forks, ND. I made this while working at the University of North Dakota.
Email Signup Footer
A mockup design made for a new email signup located at the footer of the page.



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